Simulation of an elevator system in a building.

Elevator control Elevator buttons

Written in C++ with GTK+ interface. Three components communicate over UDP.

Crowd-sourced sentiment analysis

Analysis of companies talked about on Yahoo! Finance. We ask our workers to extract  sentiment data on a mock crowd sourcing platform.

ui1 ui2

Written in Python using Flask microframework. Source code can be found on GitHub.

Movie Database

Implementation of a detailed movie database (like ImDB). Application can be run on a desktop or web.

film1 search

Written in C# using Windows forms and MVC 3. Additional technologies include MSSQL database,Team Foundation Server and Crystal reports.



Users can take photos and tag them. Tags are offered if user is near. Uploaded photos can be viewed live as they are taken on a website.

mob web

Mobile application is written in Java for Android platform. Web interface is written in C# using MVC3.

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